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      Sunday, March 03, 2013

09:18 AM - 03/03/2013

The topic: My new bottles got here yesterday


They're a little bigger than the other ones I've got and my Mrs. Dash caps aren't going to work.  Boo! But I've still got all of those jars from spice racks in the past (with stuff still in them) and I can wash those out and use those. It's not like much of what I use needs to be sprinkled on anyway.

But I didn't get them done by the end of the week, I missed my goal. I did start putting labels on the large jars, I had three done when I realized "no, that's not what I want it to say, I want it to say "seasoned bread crumbs" not "bread crumbs".  I want it to say "whole wheat flour", not just "whole wheat".  Yeah, I can be a mite anal at times. At least that's what I've heard.

So, I pulled the labels off and will redo them.

I won't be doing this today, though. Because upgrading this software yesterday got me more aware of the office surroundings. I did wash the throw rugs in here (floor is cement, so I put some little runner carpets and a throw rug down to make it look less industrial...*lol*) and cleaned up the cat pee left by the cats who seem to think the whole place is a litterbox. Love my vinegar, that's for sure. Cleans this stuff up nicely without harsh chemicals that might hurt the kitty cats. What I'd really like is some sort of device that would trigger a blast of air when it detected a rise in moisture content of the air. Scare that pee back into the kitties.

Tired of Georgie walking on the stacks of paperwork I have to sort through, I brought a table in and put it on that. Couldn't leave it here overnight, didn't want a stinky wet mess when I started working on it today, so it's in the extra room right now.  First I'll pull out the personal files and box those up, then Brian's old company files for 2011 (I like to keep the previous year's files in here so they're easily accessible), box those up, then start setting up new file folders for this year. Once that's done, I can start filing, which should give me more space.

Then I can catch up on invoicing for Fit Rite.

Looks like I'll be in here for a couple of days.

And then I can start working on my bottles again! And my crafts! I'm so excited!


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