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      Friday, November 03, 2017

06:35 AM - 11/03/2017

The topic: Kind of a weird week for me


Monday, Brian had his second colonoscopy because that little home stick in the poop test he took last month showed some blood in it.  I had to go with him because he would be in no condition to drive home.

His prep on the weekend really wasn't that bad. I got a little excited because Saturday he had some sort of bug hit him. This was his last day of solid food until after the procedure. He had no appetite at all. And he had a fever of 100°. I'd baked chicken for dinner, with sides of broccoli and noodles. He ate the sides, not the chicken (I'll admit, the chicken turned out tough, I don't know why. The cats liked it.


My concern was the prep solution. Would he be able to take it? Should he take it and we get down to the clinic only to be turned away because he was sick? I searched online, it looked like the magic number was 100°. I called the Kaiser nurse number, but was on hold forever. I finally gave up. We just decided to wait and see how he felt on Sunday. And he was okay.

I got up early and filled the prep solution bottle with water and put it in the fridge. The directions said to start drinking it at five that afternoon, eight ounces every ten minutes. Drink until you've had three liters. Drink the final liter four hours before the procedure. One of the smaller plastic cups we got so long ago at Disneyland, with a root beer float in it, would work perfectly. The design on it had long worn off and it is translucent. I measured out eight ounces of water and used a Sharpie to mark the cup.

I found a larger beverage container that had both quarts and liters marked on it. It would hold two liters. We were set.

I made orange Jello for him to snack on.

And it actually worked out nicely.

He got up early Monday, finished the solution, then went back to bed. I took a shower, then he got up and took a shower and knowing we'd hit traffic, we left the house with an hour and twenty minutes to make the twenty mile drive. We got there at nine, with ten minutes to spare. Well, we were supposed to have been there a half hour before, but traffic was traffic. Not much you can do about it.

They actually took him in later than he was scheduled. I did not know this. I read a book on my Kindle and watched the time go by. It took twice as long as it should have and I started to get pretty damned nervous.

But he did okay, he had a couple of polyps that were removed, he has a mild case of diverticulitis and was told to take a fiber supplement.

I drove home without incident. Which made me pretty happy. Traffic was pretty light heading east that time of the day.

His results came back yesterday. The polyps were benign and the diverticulitis should clear up on its own.

So, yay, for that being done.

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