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      Sunday, May 19, 2013

04:01 PM - 05/19/2013

The topic: Ish


I do not like ants.

I do not like flies.

I do not like mosquitos.

I hate ants because of the movie "Them" that I saw as a child. I wanted to see it (it was on television). After much whining on my part, she finally gave in. Since it was on past my bedtime, I had to take a nap first. but I watched the entire thing. And I hate ants to this day.

I do not like flies. Fly larvae gives me the heebie jeebies. I hate the specks flies leave on glass. I hate flies.

And mosquitoes, those blood sucking insects have no reason to even exist.

We used to keep a couple of doors open for the cats to come in and out. I just couldn't handle the flies any longer and we try to keep the screen doors closed when the flies are moving around. We have ant spray for the ants, pet friendly stuff that doesn't smell too bad. An hour later.

The mosquitos? We've got bug zappers outside. The bulbs keep burning out. In the fountain out front, we have those mosquito donuts. "Animal safe" it says on the package. I hope so. (I don't think we have too many animals drinking out of the fountain anymore.) And I squish them when I can. Lots of mosquitos have lost their lives against the screens. Squish, then smear.

Yesterday morning, after my shower, there was a mosquito flying around in my bathroom. I did the clapping many times. I swatted the air with my bare hand. Finally got that asshole down on the counter. SLAP! Dead.Deaddeaddead.

I wiped the remains up with a tissue, brought it in to the office to show Brian. I was still undressed, fresh from the shower. I opened up the tissue. He looked, said "ew". I told him I needed to take another shower to wash the blood splatter off of me.

I really get pissed off when I kill one of those things full of blood. Because that means someone just got nailed.

I do not like mosquitos. At all.

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