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      Monday, June 02, 2014

06:33 AM - 06/02/2014

The topic: I’m sick. Meh.


Since my twenties I've had flare ups in my bowel. It's not fun, but it only happens every few years. To the right of my left pelvic bone gets really, really tender. And sometimes it's so bad I can't walk upright, I walk hunched over. 

When we first got married I had such a bad flare-up I had Brian take me to Urgent Care. They couldn't find anything wrong. Ran some tests, took X-rays and nothing looked really bad. I told the doctor what usually helped was laxatives and OTC pain killers, like Excedrin. He said just keep using that combination if that's what worked. I asked my gynecologist about it at my next appointment with him and he said if it wasn't constant, then it wasn't something life threatening. Which was a load off of my mind.

I could feel the pain starting Saturday morning. It wasn't bad and we made it to the theater to see How To Train Your Dragon II. It wasn't really bad all day, but when I woke up yesterday morning, boy howdy, did it hurt. I ended up on the sofa all day. It was in the nineties outside and I was shivering under a blanket. I was so cold. Then during the evening, it was finally getting a little better. I spent the night on the sofa with about a thousand trips to the bathroom because I'd been drinking so much water. And it's amazing how much you can sleep when you don't feel good. I slept a bunch yesterday, then slept during the night. No tossing and turning, I was asleep. The body had to repair itself, I guess.

I'm feeling better this morning, but am still sore.

A shower will probably help a lot. Showers have a way of doing that.

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Diane - I hope you feel much better very soon! Get as much rest as you can! Remember that we all care about you, here in Cyberspace!! X O !!

Posted by Mary @ Monday, June 02, 2014 - 12:38:15 PM

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