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      Saturday, September 10, 2016

01:42 PM - 09/10/2016
The current weather is still frikking hot and I hate it

The topic: I was a little worried about Bernadette this morning


She seemed to be a little under the weather, but she finally ate some Fancy Feast (I think she threw up the first stuff I gave her), took a nap and has been better since. She also drank quite a bit of water from the fountain. This morning doing the skin pinch test she showed a little dehydration, but now she's okay.

I haven't uploaded any photos recently, I've been busy working on other stuff (that's finally done! Yay!).  I took a couple of her this morning and I thought I'd show the latest one as well as repeating the one I took four weeks ago today.

Taken August 13, 2016:

You can see how much better she's looking. She's still not showing any interest at all in the out, even though she looks out the doors and windows. She's content to just sleep on the sofas and next to us humans. She's not yelling at the other cats as much, either, although she went a little nuts on Pancho this morning, but Pancho is most likely an unknown to her since he spends most of his time outside now. (The past couple of days he's come in for some attention and this morning he got his claws trimmed when I couldn't handle the pointy things sticking in my tender, delicate epidermis).

I'd really like to get the crate out of here, but when I feed her in the morning and at night, it's easier to put the food in there and just shut her in until she's finished. There's no pushing her to eat faster that way and Charlie Ahole leaves her be. By the way, Charlie is terrified of her. He gives her wide berth. Not that she's done anything other than lunge at him, while screaming (this is when I ask Brian about calling her "Taz" instead of "Bernie"; for tasmanian devil). It really sounds awful and if she did that to me, I'd be a little scared of her, too.


But she likes her humans. She likes them a lot. She's comfortable climbing on us now and I find it annoying, because she walks over me, then walks over me, then walks over me until I finally tell her "that's enough" and pull myself into a position where she can't walk over me. I stay like this until she settles down.

Occasionally, she shows signs of being able to hear a little, but it's not all of the time. I wish she could hear.



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