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      Saturday, October 28, 2017

06:33 AM - 10/28/2017

The topic: I should have been more careful


Earlier this month, I ordered a pair of glasses from Zenni.com.  Just to see how I'd like them.

I have my prescription from last December, so it's good to go. I got a pair that was just for distance. For watching television, or movies. The glasses I got at CostCo annoy me. The lenses aren't really big, the glasses are progressives and there's not that much room for each strength of lens. I'm moving my head up and down, depending on what I'm looking at.

I figured if I liked these Zenni glasses (the frames were only ten bucks), I'd get another pair with everything.

I liked the Zennis. I really like the Zennis. And the frames are bigger than my CostCo glasses so there would be more room for the different lens strength.

So, I ordered them. I was looking forward to them, I was going to wear them always. I was excited for them to get here.

They got here.

I opened the bag. I pulled the glasses out of the case. I put them on. I tilted my head up and down to see how they worked.

What? I can't read! They aren't progressives! They're single strength. NOOOOOOO!!!!

I don't want these. These are not what I want. I checked the website. I screwed up. I copied the original order and changed the lens stuff (like these will darken in the daylight) and fancy stuff. But I didn't change the prescription to progressive. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

And their return policy?  You get a fifty percent store credit. Yeah, there were expletives. A spendy mistake, for sure.

I contacted them. And what a pleasant surprise, I'll get a one hundred percent store credit, minus the shipping. So, I sent these back yesterday and they'll let me know when they get them back and I can re-order the right ones.

The progressives are a little more money than the single lenses (which makes sense) and I'll check the interwebs for promo codes to hopefully offset the additional cost.

But it's really nice to not lose half the value of the glasses because of a bonehead mistake.


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