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      Wednesday, July 27, 2016

mrs. crankypants
01:34 PM - 07/27/2016

The topic: I don’t write about politics here, not much.


But I sure do on Facebook.

Right now, I've turned off the television. I'm going to play with a new file I've gotten from the Silhouette Design store (.99 in the design store, $4.99 on the designer's website). I have a wall in the living room that I think it would be fun to print out some of my favorite photos and have them hanging in frames that I made out of paper. Oh, and put my photo viewer thing up there, too.

Because I need to do something other than think about the upcoming election.

Donald J. Trump makes me crazy in the head. I've never watched an episode of The Appentice because I always got the feeling that he was a self absorbed putz.  And now, he's running for president. Scary.

My in-laws like his financial acumen. I don't think he's good at financial stuff, I just think he does what he wants and doesn't give a flying fornicate about who gets hurt on the way. I don't like the way he talks about women, I don't like that he's a cheater, I don't like his bigotry and I reallly, really don't like him thinking he's a real savior. He's thin skinned and mouths off without thinking or checking the facts. Facts mean nothing to him. When called on his BS, he says "I never said that" or "that's not what I meant". Well, if you're running the greatest country in the world, you'd better damned well figure out what you're going to say before you say it. No take backs, yanno? And he shows no signs of having learned this lesson so far.

The bankruptcies really bother the both of us. Four bankruptcies. He had the money, he didn't need to go bankrupt, but he took advantage of his options. Options that left him with a crapload of money and the investors, and small companies empty handed. Was it legal? Yes. Was it ethical? No. But I don't think Trump cares at all about ethics. I just don't. I asked google "How many financial lawsuits does trump have against him?" The answer is "a lot". 

Brian has been self-employed since before we met back in 1984. In the construction business. And he was stiffed on more than one occasion by someone who declared bankruptcy then started up another business doing the same damned thing. Back in the late 80s, he went into a partnership with his cousin (same business) and they did this really large job, without a doubt the biggest they'd ever done. At the end of the job, even though there was a signed contract, the customer said "we'll pay you this much and no more". A couple of hundred thousand dollars less than the contract was for. The company said "sure, you can take us to court and you would most likely win. But we're a big company with lawyers. We can drag this out for years. You're a small operation. Can you afford that?"

We couldn't. Our suppliers eventually got paid. Our employees got paid.  The government got paid. Brian and his cousin? Different story.

And during Brian's last year doing business by himself, he got stiffed for close to eleven thousand dollars from the same contractor. Two different jobs. Because he screwed up, not getting the Ts crossed or the Is dotted. And we weren't the only sub contractors who got stiffed. And even though we lost money through no fault of our own, our suppliers still got paid. Because it was the right thing to do. This contractor could have auctioned off his gazillion dollar custom hotrods at Mecum, even talked about doing it. But he didn't. He just left his subs holding the bag and went on his merry way.

Just like Trump. Sure, he's got accountants and other people "taking care of business" but in the end, it's his name and his brand. And the buck stops at the top. With him.

Never liked him, never will. As far as I'm concerned, he's a scam artist. A con man. And God help the United States of America if he gets elected.

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