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      Wednesday, June 25, 2014

09:40 AM - 06/25/2014

The topic: Hey, there! Hi, there! Ho, there!


Yeah, remember that from the Mickey Mouse Club? In black and white, after school, sitting in front of the tv? Yeah, me, neither. (I lie, I remember, I had the hugest crush on Moochie from Spin and Marty.)

We went up to the resort on Sunday, got out of here by 8:30 that morning, home by 6:00 that night. We had Del Taco for breakfast (the one by Flakey Jakes) - eating at Del Taco is cheap and helps not spend so much money over at Disneyland on food, met up with our friends there, then headed over to the parking lot on Harbor. Brian said he prefers that to the structure now because there's not as much walking to the bus stops as there is to the tram area at the structure. Plus the buses are fun to ride.

There were just three of us and it was pretty laid back. We went on five attractions. First was the Monorail, then Innoventions. From there we went over to California Adventure where we rode the Trolley for the very first time, checked out It's Tough to be a Bug and  then went on Soarin' Over California. The lines weren't really long and it didn't seem overly crowded.

We aren't invited for the next month and a half (cheap passes). We've actually been doing pretty good with these passes. When we had the Premium (when we could afford the Premium), it would be months that we didn't go. What a waste that was. But with Brian being so busy, unless we leave town, he doesn't get a break from work. 

It's up in the air as to if we'll renew these passes. They aren't available to the public any longer, you can only get them (renew) if you've already got them. One of the reasons the parks are so crowded now is because of annual passholders. Obviously raising the prices hasn't helped much, so now they're doing away with the less expensive passes that allow Sunday entry. Well, if they really want to cut back on the amount of annual passes, quit providing monthly payment options. That's when it got crazy. 

Oh, well.

 At least it's not adversely affecting our Disney stock (one of the few smart things we got during the grasshopper days). And it makes me ill to see how well it's doing now, after I had to sell half of what we had just to survive these past few years. You know, before it was doing so well. 

First world problems, right?

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