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      Thursday, July 28, 2016

02:27 PM - 07/28/2016

The topic: DIAGONALLY!


Der! Der! Der!

I love it when a solution to a problem just hits you right between the eyes like a mallot.


Okay, so I got my test box done. Since I didn't see any instructions and I didn't feel like looking for them online, I kind of muddled through the assembly and decided there's a better way to do it than I did. And since the paper I pulled for the next test is paper I printed out, I'd just as soon have a decent picture to put inside, just in case I loved it enough to hang it on my wall. The thing is, we're in a Flex alert right now, which means if you cut back on energy usage, take it below your average hourly rate, you'll get a little discount on your bill. Discounts are good. So, I'm on the laptop (the one I got for $125 on eBay, probably the best deal I've made on used electronics; I now I use it on a regular basis) and not the big PC and have no intention of running the R1900 printer today.  I'll do a photo in the morning when I usually have that system booted up.

Here are a couple of photos of the test shadowbox:

It was cut out of 12" x 12" card stock and, once assembled, it's a little under 11.5" x 11.5".  So, I lost an inch both vertically and horizontally from the original sheet of paper.

So, here's the problem. My photo paper is 13" x 19". The good stuff, not the Epson flimsy paper. Well, it's not the very best awesome mortgage-the-house good, but it's called "proof" quality and it's kinda heavy and it takes the ink nicely. And the prints hold up. Obviously, a frame will need cover some of that photo, right? A half inch off of each side isn't really that big of a deal. The thing is, the cut pieces are bigger than a half inch wide. I just measured and each piece is about two and a half inches wide. The tabs are a half inch deep.

Aw, geez, maybe I'm overthinking this...argue <--- my little head voices...

So, the paper I have on hand is 12" x 18".  I know, I have more on order, but I'm really trying to figure out how to lose as little of the photo as possible (and what really annoys me is that chances are, I won't make many of these - but I'll be sure I can if I want to!). Then it hit me.

Cut them out diagonally! Like how monitors and television screens are measured. My 12" x 18" paper is 21.5" diagonally. I could get at least one of the long pieces and maybe a shorter piece or two out of one sheet.  Deep in thought...

I'd love to work on this, but we have to go shopping. Eggo waffles for breakfast don't really cut it. Need eggs. And cheese. And other fine food offerings. Like frozen jalapeno poppers...

I can hardly wait to get started on the bigger shadowbox. First, though, I'll do another one like the one I did today. And have a purty photo for the center.

Oh! So excited!


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