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      Saturday, February 14, 2015

01:01 PM - 02/14/2015

The topic: Caught up with paperwork


Well, as much as I can be without pulling files from 2013 and putting them in boxes, moving 2014 files into the "previous year" drawers and setting up 2015 files.

I figured it would be a nice day to sit on the patio and melt pony beads in the toaster oven (since almost every YouTube video I've watched and blog post I've read about melting them stresses the smell). I sat at the table and skimmed the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, timer going on the beads so I could write down how long it took, what temperature to melt them. 

I don't sit outside at the patio table very often, so this was an uncommon situation for the cats who have their regular cat spaces on said patio. Jackie likes the pillow in front of the storage area (where I'm now storing the toaster oven since I plan on using it outside; well, that and there's no room for it anywhere inside). Everytime I got up from my chair to do something, Jackie left. If I was gone long enough, he went back to the pillow, but left when I came back. Then he'd return once I'd settled in.

And Pete just kept wandering around the yard. Opie was on a chair. Marco was on a chair. There was one empty chair and Pete would just sit on the patio, watching me. Then he'd walk away, wander around the yard some, then come back. A couple of times he came into the office and just sat at the open door, watching me. 

I'd only done four batches, but I gave up. I told him "fine, let me finish this one batch, straighten up what I've got piled up here, and I'll be out of your way".  Less than five minutes of me turning off the oven and putting my beads in an organizer, pushing my chair in and coming inside the house, Pete was on a chair (not the one I'd been in), curled up and settled in for a nap.

Cats. Gotta love 'em.

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