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      Monday, September 26, 2016

07:59 AM - 09/26/2016

The topic: Cats…whaddya gonna do?


We're in a middle of a heat wave. Today is supposed to be the peak. Brian has the sprinklers on.

Bernadette doesn't spend much time in the crate anymore, but she does have her morning meal in it. We have this thing, the bottom gate is always open, there's a litter box in the bottom that she uses. I have water and kibble on the top and that's where she gets her morning Fancy Feast. She waits on the bottom shelf, I place the food in the top, close the gate (don't lock it, she could easily push it open) and she jumps up to the top to eat. Closing the gate is her notice that the food is there. She doesn't always finish, because she does eat kibble out of the feeders, but this is her special treat.

Brian was in his chair and I said "I have to let Bernie out" (because she doesn't push the gate open) and he said he'd already had.  I wondered where she was. He told me he'd seen her out by the shop before he turned the sprinklers on. I do NOT want her in that shop with no way out.  Yeah, the doors were open, but I didn't want her feeling trapped and getting herself in a situation that she would have a hard time getting out of. Remember, she's deaf.

So, I run through the sprinklers to the shop, I'm in the shop looking for her, he turns off the sprinklers and yells at me that he sees her. She's outside of the shop. She's eating something.

A gopher! Bernadette had herself a huge, fresh gopher! I pointed out a hole in front of the door to the shop. He said "that's where she was when I turned on the sprinklers".  So, she caught a gopher this morning. I wonder if her deafness helps her be more sensitive to the movement of the gopher under the ground. Whatever it was, she was busy macking out on this rodent. I got video.

Warning, it's pretty graphic.


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