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      Sunday, July 27, 2014

09:52 AM - 07/27/2014

The topic: Catcam.us has been moved


And that saves about fifty dollars a year. But I don't pay by the year, to get that great rate ($3.95 a month) I had to pay for three years at a time, so it was about a hundred and fifty dollars. Now, I don't pay anything since it's on an enterprise plan (that they no longer have, it's pretty cool that I got in on that when I did, back when I had to do something for Brian's new company). I can have twenty addon domains, I had two, his old company and his brother's windmill company, but his brother never pursued the windmill work and the old company is kaput. It started out as Ranchita.com, but Brian liked Mountain View Ranch better and they were able to change the name of the domain on that server and keep everything.

At one time there were four working domains there, then I dumped Mark's and just added two of mine, one that I hadn't done anything with since I got it (2004) and then the cam pages. Now there are five. The disk space is limited to twenty gig, but that's more than enough. Catcam.us doesn't use much space which is why I decided to move it. 

Last year I moved some domains to the  website lisaviolet designs. I got that from a California company years and years ago and I'd been paying about thirteen dollars a month. Well, last year they moved me to an upgraded server and coming to find out, for the price I was paying I was able to do the put domains on it for free. So, I added a couple that I used to have websites for, but just let them lapse.  And I may or may not do anything with them, one of them is the Pinwheel Moment domain. That's the one I plan on putting up the Disney movies I made after our meets. I can't put those on YouTube because they'd slap me big time for digital rights and remove the movies. But these will be for just the people who were there and they've already seen the movies anyway. I just thought it would be fun to have them online, so if someone's having a bad day at work, or feeling nostalgic, they'll be right there.

Anyway, moving catcam was pretty painless until I found my counters weren't working. I spent some back and forth with tech support and finally just found replacement software. It works, but it's not ideal.

But the catcams are running and headed up to the world wide web and I saved some money so that's a good thing.

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