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      Friday, February 17, 2017

04:27 PM - 02/17/2017

The topic: Brian just took off


He left to do the banking, get dinner and get cat meds. Meds needed for DaNiece's thyroid (that thing on her neck is so big now) and Pete's refills.

The clinic called a couple of days ago and asked how he was doing. Still noisy, I said. So, he's going to be on prednisolone for a month and we'll see how it's going at that point.

This is a steroid that's supposed to help the inflammation in his lungs.

Since he's been feeling better, I've had to fight him to get meds into him. But I realized he'll take it if I mask it with something kitty awesome to eat.  Like raw hamburger. But I didn't want to keep giving him raw hamburger because the amount he got was so darned small, that it would end up going bad. I tried baby food yesterday and we have a winner.

His poop is so much better than it had been. I used to dread getting up in the morning, because I knew there would be splatty poop all over. Not just the floor, but the sofa. He'd just lay there and let gas out, but it wasn't always just gas.

The meds and probiotics have done their jobs. One papertowel will clean up each little pile. And even Mystie's poop is better.

I think Pete is actually feeling better about himself, too, because I catch him grooming more often. He's still got a lot of little mats, I work on those when he lets me, which isn't very often. But, slowly, he gives me hope he'll be around for a while.

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