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      Sunday, July 27, 2014

10:57 AM - 07/27/2014

The topic: Bags of Crap


I may have mentioned those here a time or two.  Won from a website by the name of Woot.com, a bag of crap was just that. But sometimes it wasn't. 

When I got my first BOC, it was chock full of Sansa players, the old ones. And other stuff, but the MP3 players were the best. I gave some away and others I still have and use. Then Woot sold out to Amazon and the BOCs became crappier and crappier. And not as much fun to get. I still tried, though. The last Woot! BOC I got had some really fun stuff in it, I think it was because I was the first sucker to get one. And it had one of my all time favorite things in it, an electronic fly swatter. This thing was great and it really packed a punch (not that you want to find out, just take my word for it....). Unfortunately, I dropped it when trying to put a string through the handle so I could hang it and I broke it. I got another one on Amazon, but it's bigger and I can't put a string through the handle and it pops even when there's no fly on it.

Well, earlier this summer I was reading through a thread on Woot's Facebook page about the BOCs just given out and someone said that the original owner of Woot was starting up another website with a similar feel to the original Woot, before Amazon took over. (Remembering back, the first deal after the official takeover was a Kindle with keypad for a very good price $149.00; it has whispernet technology so you can connect to the internet without Wi-Fi or cellular. I still have mine and it still works great.) And it was mentioned that there was a Kickstarter campaign and for ten bucks you could get a fukubukuro. A mystery box. Like a BOC. The name of the new site is meh.com.

I bit. I sent my ten bucks. Then I signed Brian up and sent his ten bucks. And the boxes got here the same day. Last Tuesday. The 22nd.

Both boxes had the Meh.com cartoon, the make your own paperbag puppet kit (bags, two crayons each and cut out faces for the bags), five pairs of reading glasses and a little stretchy camera bag.

Mine (well, let's be honest here, they were BOTH mine, but the one addressed to Dianne) had a Mystixx vampire doll and a Hannah Montana outfit to put on her (complete with blonde wig). And some die cut jungle critters that will work fine as craft embellishments.

The one addressed to Brian was a little different. That box had a waterproof case for a iPad tablet. A googly eye. Docking speakers for an iPad mini. And this little baby! There was no power cable, but the docking speakers would take care of that, for sure.  I (I mean Brian) hit the jackpot!

I turned on the iPad and there was nothing on it, besides what it came with. I had a problem registering it, because it was a "used" product, but I think someone got it and only registered it, going no further than that, they just commandeered the power cord. I contacted meh support and was given instructions on how to contact Apple and get it registered in my name. It was originally purchased back in May, so there are still over two hundred days of warranty available.

Of  course I needed a power cord, so I bought one on Amazon. And I got a case for it, too. I spent about twenty dollars there. And I did buy navigation software from the iTunes store. It was on sale, 40% off so I got it. Everything is installed, cable and case are here and I'm a happy camper.

I really like taking photos and having them sent to my facebook page and unlike my dumb phone, I can add text to these. I contacted my cell provider and I can add this to our account for ten bucks a month and use the existing data plan. I'm not going to do that unless business really takes off, but since there's no need for a contract on the addition, if we're going any place for any length of time, I can add it then and remove it when I no longer need internet access via cellular.

It was a pretty good week. New toys and saving money (moving catcam). That's always nice.

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