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      Friday, July 07, 2017

08:33 AM - 07/07/2017

The topic: Argh!


Computers. Routers. Modems. Wi-fi. External hard drives! Makes a person crazy.

Last month, Costco had a 5TB external hard drive on sale for $120.00. Five terabytes is a lot of storage. I figured I'd get one, use a USB hub and have two external hard drives connected to my Netgear Router. Run them as media servers. Listen to my music out here in the other room via the Roku, even with the computer turned off. Or listen via my phone or tablet from anywhere. Cool, huh?

With all of that storage, I figured I could put all of my little home movies on it and watch those on the television. Even the Disney meet movies!

Hard drive gets here. I knew I'd need a hub, but I had an extra. Uh, no, I don't. Crap. Ordered a cheap one from Amazon. I finally got everything set up and the other computers and the Roku saw the added drive. Great.

So, earlier this week I'm working on cards. I have music playing. It keeps losing the connection. Damn it. Really annoying. I'd been having problems with my tablet going offline, I wonder if it's related. I had repeatedly rebooted the router, but I kept losing the connection. Now, problems with the Roku. Hm.

It was related. For some reason, the router's wi-fi connection isn't strong enough for the Roku and the tablet. The one I use for the laptop is fine (it's a different channel). I found the signal extender I had been using before the new router was set up and got it plugged in and running. The tablet saw it. My phone saw it. The Roku saw it, but wouldn't connect to the local internet. After trying out a few different things, I unplugged the extender and reset it. Then the Roku saw it. Yay!

Well, it's about that time of year for Meh to have it's birthday Fuko. Not really sure when it will drop, I went back to the office and booted up the computer last night. I check my speed. No, that can't be right. My download speed wasn't even 25Mbps. My upload speed was faster! That's just wrong.

Damn it. I waited for Brian to be done with what he was doing on his computer and unplugged the router. Plugged it back in and waited for it to completely reboot. It took longer than I liked, but I ran another speed test and the download speed was now 385Mbps.

I'm glad I know how to fix this stuff by myself, but life was much easier before all of this technology, for sure.


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