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      Sunday, June 08, 2014

08:28 AM - 06/08/2014

The topic: And once again….


We're shaking our heads about a movie. This time it's the "Wolf of Wall Street". 

I told Brian when it got here that it was three hours long. Well, no, two hours and fifty-eight minutes long. We had to find the right time to watch it, starting it at eight or after wouldn't work, since one of us (me! me!) would be snoring inside an hour and a half. That's just how I roll!

We had dinner (salad with a shredded chicken breast I'd cooked up with barbeque sauce) and then we started to watch the movie.

Okay. I get it. He was a dirtbag. He liked drugs. He liked sex. He did illegal stuff. I get it. Quit beating me over the head with it, I've got it, okay?

Two hours in to the movie Brian left the theater. ("I can't watch this anymore, I'm going to bed.") I tell him I'll just stop it and watch it later because I want to see this jackass get his comeuppance. Bored with watching the movie, I'd been playing on my tablet and checked the Wiki where he did finally get nailed. So I know this will happen, which gives me hope. *lol*

To the point where we'd watched it, there were no sympathetic characters any longer (I felt bad for his first wife, but she was long gone two hours in). It's hard to watch a movie when you have nothing (but time) invested in it. 

And once again, this is a movie that was nominated for Oscars.

I just don't get it. 

Like Brian said if he made a movie, at the end, he'd want people to want more, not be glad it was over.

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