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      Tuesday, July 08, 2014

01:14 PM - 07/08/2014

The topic: And life goes on


Last weekend we went to CostCo and I was able to get the latest Stephen King novel, Mr. Mercedes, and it's pretty hard to put down. But I'm trying, between chapters.

Saturday Brian finished the laundry room and I've been moving what used to be on the little table he'd made me (the litter box was under that) into the big closet he installed. I have to wipe everything off because it was so dusty. And I had plenty of room leftover for my cleaning towels. The top shelf of the cabinet is empty, but that's okay, I can't reach it without a ladder. I also wiped down the blinds, they were pretty gross. I was feeling kind of melancholy because Captain loved the laundry room. He liked to lay on top of the dryer for the warmth and the vibration. And if I wasn't doing laundry, he'd lay on the dryer and catch the breeze from the window. Yesterday, Sagwa was on the washer, followed by Richie. 

Sunday I got the litter boxes from the garage and the laundry room washed out. I've never done that. I just would wipe down the insides and add litter. It was a lot of work, believe me. It's a lot cleaner now. 

Yesterday I finished putting things away in the new cabinet in the laundry room and this freed up the table that I had been using for storage. In the garage by the litter boxes, I had a stack of boxes (boxes full of old USPS mailing boxes, which I'd planned on using when lisaviolet designs got real big..haha) and an empty or two, covered with pet blankets. Gracie used to sleep up there and occasionally some other cat would. Well, I measured and this morning, I moved all of those boxes out, swept the area, then put that table in the same spot. Worked out nicely and I'm not afraid of some kitty falling into an empty box.

I'm doing bedding laundry, I'm hot and sweaty, I should go jump in the pool, but I think instead I'll go get another glass of water and keep reading.

I'm feeling human again. Alive.

And it's so hard for me to put a good book down....

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