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      Saturday, February 22, 2014

08:57 AM - 02/22/2014

The topic: And I’ve started


I'm going to get this PC working right before I start the taxes. It's just too frustrating. It's becoming more and more unresponsive. If I don't fix it soon, I'll probably punch it in the face. This past week was really bad here in the office. Talk about spinning your wheels.....

So, here I am.

I've got some backup software, but it's not real friendly. Last night, I researched and the one that had great reviews was Easeus ToDo Backup. They have a free version, which I considered, but looking at the different versions and thinking back to the past week of trying to get something installed, with no luck and lots of uninstalling and reinstalling, I liked the idea of the "snapshot" option that comes in the workstation version. It sure would have come in handy this past week, that's for sure.

I got this computer back in August 2011, so it's definitely time to do some work on it.

I moved some of the bigger files to an external hard drive last night, ran CCleaner to clean out old files so they won't be saved when I run the backup (I found out last year when searching old backups from previous computers to do this....lots of files that are junk got saved, taking up much needed disk space). Then I did a defrag using Auslogics Disk Defragger. And now, I'm running the backup. It's going to take a while. 

And while it's doing it's job, I'm making sure I know where all of the licensing and serial and registration codes are for my various software. That's one of the big problems reinstalling software. The codes. Last night when I knew what I had to do, I started thinking about where was my upgrade code for Windows? The system came with home premium, but somewhere I'd upgraded to pro. How did I do it? Where was the code? After searching my system and various email addresses, I realized I'd gotten it on Amazon. And it was there in my software and games section of my Amazon account. Whew! That wouldn't have been fun.

You can legally run a licensed version of QuickBooks on two systems, but you need to back up the information to a flash drive so you can move this information on both. You could pay extra and access the information from one place, but I'm not going to pay more for something that's really not that tough to do. I'd already set up QB on my netbook last year, so all I needed to do was backup the files and that's good to go.

Going to be a slow, busy weekend. 

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