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      Monday, July 17, 2017

07:22 AM - 07/17/2017

The topic: About DaNiece


She's getting better every day. Seriously better. I'm very happy I didn't finish that phone call last Friday (I was put on hold and hung up).

Because she's getting better. Slowly. What did we do?

We kept giving her fluids twice a day (I say "we" because Brian lays on the sofa, we put Neecy on his chest and he pets her and speaks softly to her while I put the needle in and give her the fluids). Friday, I started syringe feeding her Hill's A/D. (Yeah, we always have some on hand, we buy it by the case.)  I started doing this on the kitchen counter.  I did it on my own a couple of times throughout the day, then Brian helped that night. But it was definitely something I could do by myself.

To make feeding easier on both DaNiece and me, I started taking her into my bathroom and shutting the door to keep the vultures at bay. That way, neither of us felt any pressure from them. At first, I wrapped a towel around her and used a clothespin to hold it in place. As those who have syringe fed a reluctant cat can attest to, it's oftentimes a messy job.  Saturday morning, I started to feed her with the syringe then stopped and waited to see what she'd do on her own. She ate.

The big thing that helped her?  I quit giving her her meds. The last time she got any medication was Thursday morning. She didn't get them Thursday night because I just wanted her to sleep. She didn't get them Friday morning because it was a matter of "why bother, if she's going to die?" And I really thought it was the end for her. I really did. Looking back on the past few weeks, she started getting worse when she was getting the medications. They worked for a couple of days, then they didn't. They were making her worse. Was it really the medications? Or was her problem something that meds wouldn't fix? There was one way to find out. Brian said "let's give her the weekend" after the discussion last Friday morning.

If she crashed, we could take her to a local 24 hour clinic to say goodbye. We wouldn't let her suffer.

Since the only place we would see her drinking water was from the fountain on the patio and only when it was running, Brian set it to run all night.

Saturday, she ate two cans of A/D. To make it more lappable, I added a little water and blended it. Poured it into a little glass bowl. But she ate two cans throughout the day.  And she was drinking more and more water at the fountain.

Yesterday, she didn't eat as much and I was a little concerned about what she'd eat when we left. So I scrambled an egg for her and chopped it up so the pieces were very small. She maybe had one can of A/D yesterday, but she ate a little of the special kibble last night and kept it down.

Brian got the scale and weighed her. She's up three ounces from Friday. Yay!

So far this morning, she's eaten a full can of A/D. In less that an hour and a half, she ate an entire can of A/D. She's a hungry girl.

She's grooming. She's talking to us. Last night, for the first time in weeks, she crawled up on me when I was watching television and stretched out.

I think we're getting our little girl back. She's still pretty weak and when she's recuperated more, I'll start giving her the thyroid meds.

Her poop is still not the best, but it's better. As long as she's putting weight back on, I won't concern myself with the pudding like poos she's having. (I was thrilled yesterday when she farted.)

I don't know which of the meds made her crash, the prednisilone or the metronidazole. Or the combination. At this point, it doesn't really matter. What matters is she's getting better. And that's what's important.



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