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      Monday, October 26, 2015

06:40 AM - 10/26/2015

The topic: A question for my crafting friends


I cut out the 651 Oracal vinyl for the decals for the car this weekend. Yesterday, I worked on getting the pieces in place for the Tinker Bell decal. I'm going to do more, not just the one and I've reconsidered some of the tips I've tried for placement. One was having registration marks on each piece at the top and to layer each piece using those registration marks. But that wasn't working well (maybe it was the vinyl, it was different than what I used yesterday). But there's a lot of waste. Take the yellow. Her hair and the pom poms on her slippers are the same color and there's all of the wasted space in between.

What I experimented with was taking a black and white print out of the decal, taping it to the non-sticky side of the transfer paper and cutting out each section of vinyl, placing it over a lightbox and positioning that way. And it worked nicely. Except that some of the pieces are pretty small and once that vinyl hits another piece of vinyl (and not the transfer tape), I'm screwed. My fingers aren't the long slender fingers of an artist, but the fat, pudgy fingers of a workman. I did find a tool from Silhouette that has a sticky end, which one unhappy reviewer sad was like Silly Putty and once it came off of the end, the tool was no longer effective. I ordered one anyway, but am thinking along the lines of trying something else. But what?

I do have some glue stuff that's removable and I'm thinking about trying that. The part that would have the glue is the back of the vinyl carrier (what the vinyl is on to start with) and it gets peeled off and tossed.

Do you have any tips for placement of small pieces of paper?

Brian really liked the finished test piece, he was wanting to know if it was ready to put on the car, but I'm not satisfied with it. Her hair is hanging over the face, the yellow vinyl on the tan vinyl at one point. No one else would notice but I know it's not right. Besides, the adhesive on the wings might not be great since I put those on first (I know better now) and kept touching it when I was adding the other pieces. I tried covering it, but I did that too late, I think. I wouldn't trust this to stick very well.

So, any suggestions?

My best friend is in the vinyl business (she makes signs and all sorts of things…) and she uses app tape, have you thought about that?

Posted by Mandy @ Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 6:39:42 AM

lisaviolet's avatar

Thanks. I use the app tape for the entire design, but it’s putting the individual pieces onto that tape that is giving me grief.

I took pictures yesterday, but haven’t uploaded them yet. But if you go to http://journal.lisaviolet.com/lv/article/stuff2 you’ll see the design I’m talking about. That was the first one I completed.

I’m trying to figure out an easier way to position each piece (for instance, each eye has two pieces, white and blue). The original vinyl is removable and is more forgiving, but the outdoor vinyl has a pretty awesome adhesive on it. Once that adhesive sticks to other vinyl, it’s really hard to get them apart without ripping something.

Posted by lisaviolet @ Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 7:01:17 AM

I just looked at the pics, it looks good! Yes, that’s the hardest part, when there are small pieces, especially if they have to be placed correctly!

Posted by Mandy @ Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 6:37:12 AM

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