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      Thursday, August 28, 2014

09:33 AM - 08/28/2014

The topic: And my blood test results are back.


My cholesterol isn't any better without drugs. And a prescription for something has been called in.

My blood sugar was a little high, they want to retest that. I figure I'll do that when I go in to have that mole on my back removed.

I read up on blood sugar and what will help bring it down is exercise, which is hard to do when it's so MISERABALLY hot.  It's not alarmingly high, it's at the pre-diabetic stage, but I don't want diabetes.  And I know I've been slacking off on normal everyday chores that would keep me moving. I hate this heat, it's been hot all summer long. 

Not horrible awful news, but not great news.

And my arm hurts from that shot. The pertussis/tetanus shot. It also had a vaccine in it for diptheria. From Wiki-pedia:

"Historically quite common, diphtheria has largely been eradicated in developed nations through widespread vaccination. In the United States, for example, there were 53 reported cases of diphtheria between 1980 and 2000,[6] but in the 21st century only two cases of diphtheria have been reported, the last of which was in 2012."

And we wondered if maybe this was just leftover vaccine? Seriously, it doesn't look like we're at big risk for getting this.

My arm hurts.

      Tuesday, August 26, 2014

12:56 PM - 08/26/2014

The topic: Fun, fun morning!


Not really. 

Last month I ran out of Xanax and Brian was getting low. Our doctor does not do automatic refills, so I had to call him. And he wouldn't refill until we made appointments. Brian suggested making appointments for the same day and we'd fast the night before (bloodwork protocol) and just take our turns. 

So, no food last night after eight (I can't eat late anyway) and nothing this morning, just our blood pressure meds and water.

We don't walk this morning, Brian showers, then I shower. Our appointments were for 9:00 and 9:30, so we figured go in early, get our blood taken, then we should be good for the appointments.

Well, they didn't want to take blood before, they wanted us to have it taken after the visit. Great, it's only a little after eight, we get to wait. But we didn't! We went right in.

On the way back the nurse asked if we wanted separate rooms. Oh, yeah, for sure. Our weight was taken, our height was noted and in we went. The doc saw Brian first, then it was my turn. 

Pretty routine actually, no pap smear today, the doc said they only need to be taken every three to five years (I guess I'm at that age now). He talked me into a tetanus/pertussis combo shot (talked me into it, hell, he railroaded me). I was informed that pertussis can be very serious and you can get really sick from it. I said "well, if you get really sick, then you'd lose weight, right? There ya go, there's an upside to everything". He said something about another shot that's for shingles and people over sixty can get it. Then he told me that one in three people suffer from shingles. I thought about it for a minute and said "then I don't need to take it since Brian's already had shingles". The doc looked at me puzzled. I said "one in three, right? I should be safe". I didn't get the shot. Yet.

I do have a small mole on my back he wants to remove. He doesn't like the way the edges look. He'll excise it and send it to a pathology lab for testing. Okay. *sigh* Another appointment, besides the mammogram (btw, he said my breasts were good, no hard spots just lumpy...yeah, that's me all right; nothing hard, lots of smooshy lumps). 

And then he asks when the last time I had a colonoscopy was. I looked at him, scrunched my face up like I was thinking about it and I said "um, never". He shook his head and I swear, he was like a happy, excited kid "you've gotta get one!" he told me with his eyes all big. I just bust out laughing. It was really funny. And that's another appointment to be made, luckily now they're doing it at a closer facility than where Brian's was done. No freeway driving on this one, so next time Brian gets his, I won't be white knuckling it on the freeway.

So, after I got dressed and got the tetanus/pertussis shot, made my mammo appointment, and  had my blood drawn (Brian was already done) we came home.

      Saturday, August 23, 2014

07:34 AM - 08/23/2014

The topic: In your dreams


So, yesterday Brian was doing some reorganization in his shop and he made a table top that he set on sawhorses outside to give him more work space (it's not like we have a ton of rain here or anything). 

Last night, I had a dream that I'd somehow made more room in the garage for my crafting supplies and he came out into the garage, looked around and was all excited.

"I can move my welder and do my welding in here!" 

In my dream I told him if he did that, I'd leave him. I was dead serious. He just smiled and nodded his head and kept checking out where he'd put his stuff. In my dream I got really angry with him. mona

I told him about my dream this morning and he laughed.

07:13 AM - 08/23/2014

The topic: Oh, my gosh!


This paper is gorgeous! 




It isn't really heavy, so I don't think it would do well as a base, but for highlights and bling? It's so freaking shiny!  I think even just one of these stacks would be a great addition to your paper stash. I seriously do. Shiny is always good and as I was told after making one of my cards "you can never have too much glitter".  



      Friday, August 22, 2014

11:34 AM - 08/22/2014

The topic: I am SO excited!


I still have a foot high stack of business paperwork to catch up on, but to hell with that! Here's something WAY more exciting and fun! (And if it's not fun, well, you know...)

You know how much I love working with the SVGCuts files. Well, Mary and Leo have outdone themselves this time and made the cutest little carousel in their latest kit. It's a cupcake holder, complete with horses.

Well, I'm not a fan of heat right now and that old admonishment "if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen" is something I'll gladly adhere to right now.  So, no cupcakes for me, but I'm sure it will be easy enough to make the bottom of the carousel a flat surface. This is going to be so cool, I found a small wrapped stirring straw earlier this week when looking for a black Sharpie. And I'm thinking "okay, this would be the perfect size for the poles, instead of what you'd use if you had cupcakes. I printed out the picture of the carousel and Brian (who's a genius at this type of thing) helped me figure out if a seven inch straw would work (the carousel itself is eleven inches both diameter and height). And it will! Then I started to seriously look for stirrer straws and found some on clearance at Amazon.com. Less than five dollars for a thousand of them (talk about going stir crazy....).

I asked Brian how hard it would be to paint these gold and he said it wouldn't be too hard. Then, I'd gone into the garage for something and found some 3/16" gold holographic curling ribbon that I'd meant to put into my ribbon box. I'd had this for years and I've slowly been moving things from the extra room to my crafting supplies in the garage. I'd never put it away and it was just sitting on top of some other stuff. I picked it up, brought it into the house and found my stirrer straw (the one I don't know how or when it came to live in my office), got a little piece of tape and started wrapping. Awesomeness! A gold pole for the horses on the carousel! 

There's not much of this ribbon here, though, not enough for eight poles so I checked out Amazon, then eBay. I went with ribbon on eBay (taking those surveys for three bucks adds up when you just let it sit in your paypal account). Since it takes me so long to make up my mind on paper, this should be here by the time I'm ready to start assembly.

Now, besides this awesome carousel, SVGCuts also has a file for a ferris wheel. And a hot air balloon. And a little train...can you see where I'm going with this? 

Color me excited!!

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