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      Monday, September 22, 2014

02:21 PM - 09/22/2014

The topic: Let me explain a little about my BIL and SIL


And why I feel the way I do (I've never been really fond of either of them).

Way back when, Brian and I had season passes for the Chargers. I don't know how many of you remember the big strike when the players walked out, but it was around that time. We had them for a couple of years.

To save the headaches of the traffic, we purchased bus passes for the games and we had to be at the bus stop by a certain time or we'd miss the last bus. One Sunday, Brian had gone over to his parents' house and was helping his brother out with something, I'm not sure what it was, maybe they were trimming a tree or something like that. Anyway, I know how sidetracked Brian can be and how he loses track of time when he gets in a zone. So, I call over there to remind him that he needs to come home and get ready to go if we're going to make the bus.

Now, let me be clear on one point. I wasn't the type of girlfriend or wife who was constantly in touch with him. When we were dating I could count on my hand the number of times I called him. I figured when he had a chance, he'd call me. I was like that with all of my boyfriends, I didn't smother, I didn't pursue. Maybe some may have thought I didn't care, but I just wouldn't do it.  And after we were married, I rarely called him when he was over at his parents' house (long  before cellphones - but even then I wouldn't call him at work unless it was an emergency). I figured he had a reason to be there and I knew he'd be home when he was done with whatever. But this Sunday, there was a time constraint.

Well, Mark answered the phone and I asked if I could talk to Brian. And his brother said to me, in a voice full of contempt "give him a break". 

I had no words. I had no response. I didn't know what to say. Seriously. He asked if I was still there, I said "yes", then I hung up. Of course, Brian got an earful when he got home. 

When Mark got married, I realized Karma has a helluva sense of humor. 

Then there was the Christmas dinner at his mom's house and for some reason, he started getting on my case about how many cats we have. Out of the blue, he was berating me in front of the family over how many cats we have. He didn't bring Brian into the equation, it was all me. It was another jaw dropper. Like Brian said "how have our cats affected HIS life?" We never asked for help with them, we never asked them to take care of them when we're gone, there was no obvious reason why he had said what he did. But for me, it was another brick in the wall.  

When he was dating the woman who he would marry, she was here at the house one afternoon. It was just the two of us. I didn't know her well, it was a getting to know you kind of conversation I guess. She told me about having a cat who "shit all over the house" so she dumped it in a nice neighborhood. 

Strike one.

Later in the conversation she asked me if I'd ever considered help. Help? Huh? Then it dawned on me.

She thought I needed professional mental help. I wasn't sure why, I didn't want to ask. And I didn't.

But we had strike two.

The swings and the misses just keep on coming. There have been so many over the years I could fill a book....all the times Brian's come home to tell me about her giving him hell over one thing or another, things that have absolutely nothing to do with him. Maybe some day I will. 

It just leaves me shaking my head and I just try to ignore it all. banana

The Xanax I took this morning after Brian got home sure helped.

But for me, this stuff doesn't just disappear, it doesn't just go away. No, it sits there in my head. Like a filing cabinet. Some files I never look at again, once they're in there. But others, they just keep getting thicker and thicker and thicker....

11:55 AM - 09/22/2014

The topic: We really need to get our affairs in order


If something happens to us, I do NOT, I repeat, do NOT want his brother and sister-in-law anywhere NEAR my cats. I can see them just dumping them somewhere or worse yet, just letting them fend for themselves while they help themselves to our stuff.

They are NOT good cat owners. They got a couple of kittens a few months back and Brian just told me they "lost" one. "Lost" one? WTF?

I guess they got the kittens to kill the mice and mice only come out at night, dontcha know? The SIL wanted to bring them in, but Brian's brother, the same guy who read me the riot act, out of the blue one Christmas day, about us having so many cats said they had to stay out at night. This man who knows everything about everything, this "knowallogist", someone who's opinion drips gold, it's so important.

And we all know that cats are natural hunters, right? It's not like it's something that they LEARN to do from their MOTHERS, right? And if the mother doesn't teach them, they automatically know how to do it.

Right now, the hatred I'm feeling for this man is almost palpable. You could almost touch it and feel it with your hands.

It is not a good feeling. Not at all.

11:38 AM - 09/22/2014

The topic: You know when you see a certain


Actor's name in a movie that you know you're not going to like the movie?

One of those actors for me is Nicole Kidman. Not that she's a bad actress or that I don't like her, but I don't like the movies she's in. They're always so weird. 

07:22 AM - 09/22/2014

The topic: Want to see Rocky?


Check out the patiocam. He spends lots of time on the chairs with the table. I gave up trying to keep him inside at night, I don't think he ventures farther than the patio. But he sure likes it out there. 

He comes inside in the afternoon and stays in until the cats are all in and fed, then we can hear him at the back cat door, pulling on it until he gets it open enough to go through.

He's happy.


      Sunday, September 21, 2014

09:03 AM - 09/21/2014

The topic: Well, we’ve had a respite from the heat


And I'm lovin' it. It's really nice to have all the doors and windows open again and I'm finding the quiet of the morning simply amazing. I just stand there, with the cool breeze blowing over me and listen to the silence. 

The noise from all of the motors was wearing on me.  The A/C, the whole house fan when the A/C wasn't on, the ceiling fans, the standing fans...and now I hear only the birds and the breeze. It's wonderful.

It's still warm during the day, but nothing like the last three or four weeks were.

Well, the carousel is coming along nicely. I just glued the top to the base and am going to start working on the poles and attaching the horses to the poles. This might not go as quickly as I'd like since somewhere along the line, something didn't go the way it was supposed to have and the thing is lopsided. *lol* The poles won't be one size fits all, I have to do them one at a time. 

But I do think it will be complete by this afternoon. And I'm pretty happy about that.

      Friday, September 19, 2014

07:23 AM - 09/19/2014

The topic: You can help


Late last month, a friend of mine who has a rescue (Forever Home Pet Rescue) up in the Los Angeles area, was woken out of a sound sleep by gunshots. On August 23rd, at 2:57am she updated her Facebook status:

"Just woke up to three gunshots practically next door. That was no handgun either. Waiting for sirens now. Dogs didn't even flinch... that shiz happened weekly where we used to live."

On September 11, she posted this (with a screenshot of her August 23rd update):

"Dunno if anyone remembers when I posted this. Found out tonight that the two dogs killed were at the business two doors down from me... and those shots that woke me up WERE from this guy's shotgun. I KNEW I heard a dog yelp. OMG."

She linked to this story in the Los Angeles Daily News.

This thug didn't stop at shooting dogs, it looks like those were just a warm up.

Last weekend she posted this:



At nearly 3am on August 23rd I was rudely awakened by gunshots. I immediately posted on Facebook (see pic of post). At the time I KNEW I heard a dog yelp. The very next morning a psycho serial killer drove around the San Fernando Valley killing people: http://www.dailynews.com/general-news/20140826/suspect-in-san-fernando-valley-shooting-spree-charged-with-3-earlier-shootings

I found out the whole story in regards to the three dogs that were shot today from my neighbor.

Alex - the shooter - shot his own dog at his home around 2am that Saturday, then drove around looking for other dogs. A neighborhood dog (Lhasa mix) here in my area was out loose and he shot her and killed her two doors down from my house - and then attempted to shoot the guard dog at the business two doors down from me (named Blackie - a gorgeous black pitty). She did get grazed - she did see a vet - and she was very lucky. He was shooting buckshot from a shotgun and put holes in the fencing and several cars in the lot.

Turns out that Blackie is a mommy right now and the business has 7 puppies. I approached the biz owner to see if I could help get mom and the pups fixed. He was VERY receptive to my offer. Told me that mom gets 2 walks a day and he ADORES her. She spends more time with him at work than his personal dogs get with him at home - all of which are rescued from the streets of Sylmar - and fixed. Blackie does not get along with other dogs so he could not take her home. He tried.

Blackie is 8 years old. She got pregnant because a small terrier dug under the fence and was "visiting" her at night - unknown to the owner until she was pregnant. She was not getting out - the small male was getting IN.

Yes, the owner should have had her spayed long ago... but he has otherwise provided her a fantastic life after finding her half-dead on the street and nursing her back to health 6 years ago. He WANTS to get her spayed now... especially since she has a mammary growth now (after nursing pups) that needs to be removed... and he DID take her to a vet to look at the growth and was told to wait to remove it until the puppies were weaned.

The point of this story? WE NEED YOUR HELP! We have offered to help him get all the puppies fixed/vaxed and chipped... and get mom spayed. He is THRILLED that we are willing to help and is holding off letting go of any of the pups until they are fixed. Pups are 8 weeks old on Monday... so we need to make appointments now.

Please donate via PayPal to foreverhomepetrescue@gmail.com - indicating it's for Blackie and pups. Donations are tax deductible (EIN 20-4861446).

Yes, Blackie will stay at the business. She has a family that loves her and takes very good care of her. She has a large run during the day, and at night she can go inside or run the entire lot. She is not a neglected "guard" dog. I see her every day. We will be helping the owner screen adopters for the puppies, doing homechecks, and chipping all the pups to us.

I've never seen someone so happy to be offered help with the dogs. He wants to do right by them. Let's make this happen! We need at least 2k. PLEASE SHARE!!



Every dollar helps. Please donate to help this pupper family get vetted and find loving forever homes. The fundraiser can be found at the following link:


Thank you so much!

      Thursday, September 18, 2014

09:21 AM - 09/18/2014

The topic: The temperature has dropped a good ten degrees


And it's very nice. I vacuumed already and I'm cleaning up the litterbox area in the garage. 

Brian made a great breakfast this morning and he cleaned up the cooking mess, which was great. I started up the dishwasher and as I was doing so, the phone rang. I've got one of these things that speaks out the number of the caller (if you want one, leave a comment, for five bucks I'll send you one and that's just the cost of shipping, I picked up a couple years ago in a Woot! off because I thought they were cool) and I didn't recognize it.

It wasn't a toll free number, so I answered it. It was Scripps Clinic. Maybe to remind me that I need another blood sugar reading? Or that I need to make an appointment for this thing on my back?

Oh, no, hallelujah! It's for my colonoscopy! They rememembered!

We have an opening on October 17th. No. That's the day after my birthday. Well, how about October 21st? No. Never. I don't want one.

Honestly, I'm not afraid of going under, I'm not afraid of a small camera being carefully guided through my lower nether regions. 

I don't want to to the prep. I don't want to not eat anything with iron in it the week before (thins the blood). I don't want to drink the kool-aid (nasty thick goopy foul tasting stuff). I don't want to eat and drink clear stuff for two days or whatever it is.

I don't mind the laxative thing, I've had some sort of bowel problem since my early twenties that have me taking laxatives and pain relief to stop the pain. I even went to Urgent Care a million years ago and they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I asked my doctor at the time and he said if it's not happening all the time, if it stops hurting and goes away, it's not going to kill me. And as long as what I do takes care of it, it no longer alarms me. As I've gotten older, it happens less and less. 

I guess I'll just stock up on chicken broth and jello. Wow. Over a month's worth of anticipation. And here I thought this year I could relax and enjoy the changing of the seasons....

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