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      Saturday, February 28, 2015

09:27 AM - 02/28/2015

The topic: I’m here


It's just been a really rough week. Bad news and good news. 

Bad news is we lost Jackie yesterday (cancer). I'll post more about that later.

Good news is Richie got a recheck on his thyroid yesterday and he's put on two pounds and his thyroid values are perfect. So, the meds are working.

      Monday, February 23, 2015

08:22 AM - 02/23/2015

The topic: Last year


I think it was last year, I copied all of my digital tape movies over to an external harddrive. There were over twenty of them. Well, that harddrive failed. I think it was because the drive was in the sun and Lorelei used to lay on it. I'm sure overheating caused it to crash. But I lost all of the movies I'd saved. Fortunately, I still have the tapes in a box. And I've decided to try copying them over the the computer again.

But this time on the internal drive. And eventually I'll copy those over to DVDs. For safekeeping.

Some of these are really old. I found one from 2001, with the Little Guy (Mystie and Katie's sister, who we couldn't catch and went missing) litter. They are so stinking cute! 

I may be having some more YouTube movies of years past going up.

      Sunday, February 22, 2015

08:26 AM - 02/22/2015

The topic: I’m concerned about Jackie


This past week, his belly ballooned. Not a good sign, too many bad, nasty, horrible things it might be. Cancer, FIP.... He still has a great appetite, he's eating and drinking, breathing normally, but this belly just isn't normal.

We're going to try to get him to his vet this week.

Katie is staying by his side, purring and grooming him, as much as she can. Her chin is getting bigger, but she's still eating and she grooms herself. Every couple of days the tumor splits and there's a little blood, but so far, nothing like with Pepper. Pepper drooled most of the time and towards the end, the drool was always bloody. Katie hasn't reached that point yet.

Just damn.

08:11 AM - 02/22/2015

The topic: It’s not like the cats have any stress around here


Yanno? And stress is one of the things that affects Spot and his bladder problems. The last time he started having a bad time peeing and having bloody urine, I started him on antibiotics. And two weeks later, it was just as bad. The antibiotics weren't helping, which lead me to believe an infection wasn't the problem. I did some research and found out that in many cases, there is no infection for cats with problems like his (I do not, do not, do NOT advocate this for anyone who has a cat that has bladder problems unless you're in a situation such as ours; a cat who repeatedly blocked and had his penis removed, his urinary area resectioned, and now isn't in danger of blocking again and dying because of it). But stress can bring this on.

Well, remember me talking about Notpancho last week?

Saturday morning, around 1:30, I woke up. I couldn't get back to sleep. I went into the living room and sat on the sofa, turned on the Touchpad. I heard low growling from the garage. I went out to see what was going on and Notpancho was in the garage. And Sagwa was telling him he wasn't welcome. I told Brian, we opened up the house and Notpancho left the house and into the backyard. Where many other kitties were at this point, because you know, open doors. We closed the doors and we both went back to bed. 

Yesterday, I searched the yard for Notpancho and couldn't find him anywhere. This concerned Brian because it meant the cat was getting out of the yard. I think he jumped over the wire on the pool pump. I doubt our cats would do that because they don't have much motivation to leave. It's a really high tough jump and there has to be a lot of adrenaline behind it. 

But I think this cat being in our yard has stressed Spot. So, last night when I saw the first bloody urine, I knew exactly who it was and what to do. Spot is now taking Xanax (a very, very small amount, the dosage for the cats is a half to a full pill and I'm giving him just a quarter, one in the morning and one at night) just enough to take the edge off. And we'll see how this works out.

      Wednesday, February 18, 2015

05:08 PM - 02/18/2015

The topic: And here is the other video


This one is Marion and Brian in the office. Brian is very patient with Mario, even when Mario nips. 


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