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      Friday, June 17, 2016

11:56 AM - 06/17/2016

The topic: Goodbye, Marco


We'll miss you. I'm glad we slept together last night, I knew you weren't feeling good, I appreciate the purring in my ear that you managed. I knew this past week had been pretty hard on your failing body. But I had hope.

I had hope that we could have more time with you when I saw that you had walked into the bedroom and climbed onto the bed with Brian sometime after four this morning. My hopes were higher when I saw that you'd climbed into the window, after having been so weak yesterday. Yesterday, you were wobbly and could barely hold your head up.

I told myself you were just dehydrated, that all you needed was fluids. The I told myself that if you'd just eat, it would be all better. I opened up a can of people tuna just for you. You lapped the liquid, then turned away. I gave you two different kinds of Fancy Feast. I put A/D, the wonder food, on my finger and put it in your mouth. You swallowed it uneasily, then stumbled away from me. Food and fluids, I told myself, that's all you needed.

This morning, I boiled up a chicken breast just for you. I found you outside, laying in the sun. You didn't want this chicken. You walked away.

You finally came back inside the house and climbed onto the back of the sofa. Behind me. I called the vet and I was told I could bring you in at anytime, I didn't need an appointment. I told Brian that if there was anything to do that would extend your life and make you feel better, we'd do it. He agreed with me.

The vet checked you out. She told us that having a cat a month after an FIP diagnosis was good, that it doesn't happen often. She said the only thing that would help is Buprenex and it might cut your pain by fifty percent, but that you'd never get better, just worse. We couldn't do that to you. Not for us. We couldn't watch you die a little more each day.

We said our goodbyes. I got in my last kisses and you couldn't pull away this time.

Godspeed, Marco Warco Barco Butt. You were one of the best, you'll always be one of the best in our hearts.


      Monday, June 13, 2016

07:06 PM - 06/13/2016

The topic: Okay, I got pictures and video of the Tink decal assembly


You know, in case you really cared. And, long time readers, you know the drill. Clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my family album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.

My paper guides (made from the same file that I used to cut the vinyl pieces), the transfer tape (I use clear so I can see what I'm doing) and the vinyl sections weeded and ready to be applied.
The vinyl pieces were cut using a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine.

What I used. The Scotch tape, the Beacon 3-in-1 glue and a Cricut scraper that came in a kit. The pointy, sharp things, the things you don't run with, I use for weeding the vinyl.
"Weeding" is removing the portions you don't want, like pulling weeds from a garden.


All seven different colors that make up the decal alongside the guide and a dime for size comparison. The Silhouette can make very detailed cuts, as shown in this image.


The guide paper, taped to the tracing light box top and bottom.


The transfer tape over the guide - the carrier (the backing) is taped top and bottom, and when I put the adhesive piece back on, I put it about 1/2" above the carrier piece so it was easier to work with.

And the finished Tinker Bells, both types of wings. I think "oil spill" is a good description of that vinyl.

Let's not forget the video. This is the complete assembly of the decal. I really don't move that fast, though.

Addendum June 14, 2016 --- the progression of this idea

September 6, 2015

September 19, 2015

September 20, 2015

October 27, 2015  Since that entry, I realized it would be much easier and a lot quicker to put the paper guide directly onto the light box, which is shown above. No mirroring necessary.

05:17 PM - 06/13/2016

The topic: I had a question about taking credit card payments


We got a letter last week telling us about how much more we'd be paying for PCI Noncompliance and not having a card reader with chip card technology. Okay, we don't even have a card reader with any technology, we don't take payments in person. It's all done via the internet and I fill out their little compliance thing every year. The next time will be in September.

Of course the letter doesn't have a phone number or who to contact with questions. There was a website for "training". Yeah, I don't think I need training for filling in a form. Besides, I don't fill in anything, the customer does.

Today, I call. Takes about an hour of time to get the final answer. "You're good, don't worry about it."

You know, they're polite. They ask me how I'm doing. I say "I guess pretty good, I haven't punched anyone in the face yet."  Nervous laugh on the other end, I mean, what are they supposed to say?

Which brings me to the point of this post.

I've got my edge back. My sharp sense of snark. And I'm loving it.

It was buried before I started the Lexapro. Then it went way deep while on the med. I didn't even notice it was gone. Until it came back.

And it's WONDERFUL!!!!!


08:38 AM - 06/13/2016

The topic: Fun morning


Finally uninstalling earlier versions of software I've upgraded. Then I'll run a defrag.

So boring.

Looking through my programs many.

What started this? Upgraded my Video Studio Ultimate last night. I had an offer to upgrade for $14.99 (there were three messages about upgrading in version 6, the two most recent gave me a price of $59.99, the oldest was the $14.99)! Yeah, I'm there. I currently have versions 5, 6, 7, 8 and now 9. I'm keeping 6, and uninstalling 5, 7 and 8. Version 9 is 64 bit, which is more powerful than 32 bit. I figure I can do stuff in version 6, save that, then do other stuff with that same file in version 9.

Yeah, I lead a full life....


      Sunday, June 12, 2016

06:54 AM - 06/12/2016

The topic: I’m hungover


Not from alcohol, but from crap food.

Yesterday morning I put a roast in the crockpot. The close it got to dinner, the less appealing the roast was to me. What was appealing to me was a bunch of those ice cream Drumsticks Brian picked up at Costco last week. And I said as much to him.  He was okay with it.

But he said he'd probably need more to eat, how about chips and guacamole?  Yeah, that sounds good.

He left, brings home a thing with five rolled tacos covered in guac, lettice and cheese and another container with chips covered in melted cheese and guacamole.

We ate. And ate. There were a few chips left when we were done. A half hour we started on the Drumsticks.

I quit before he did. Then my tummy rebelled. I don't blame it, one bit. Antacid taken and I laid back on the sofa waiting for it to take effect. It finally did and I was able to go to bed.

But I'm feeling really pokey this morning....

Good thing we don't do this very often.

      Friday, June 10, 2016

09:26 AM - 06/10/2016

The topic: It looks like Marco may have turned a corner


Concerned that he wasn't eating very much (if at all), this past weekend I tried him with chicken baby food. He seemed to like it. He'd have a few bites, then walk over me, to the other side of the sofa. Then come back and walk over me again and let me know he'd like some more, please. Then he'd eat a little more, then climb onto the back of the sofa, go into the window, walk to the other side of the window, jump back down onto the sofa, then head back towards me and he'd walk over my legs again and want to eat a little more. It took over an hour, but he ate a jar of baby food.

We've gone through this a few times this week. Yesterday I switched out the baby food with Hill's A/D and he looked at me as if to say "what the hell is this caca? I ain't eating this!" And he didn't.

Back to baby food. But this morning, he's looking a little better. He did leave some poo spots where he'd been laying down, so I figured maybe this would be an opportune time to start him on that metronidazole we got for him last month. I gave him a dose and he didn't drool it out. That's a good thing.

Then he ate a half a can of some sort of fish Fancy Feast. I added water to it to get him started and he lapped that right up. Then he hit the solid and was kind of iffy, but he had a taste. Then another, then another. Then the walking away started over again. I had a heck of a time keeping the other cats away, but when all was said and done, Marco had eaten at least a half of a can. And now he'sl laying on a towel next to my laptop. He gave himself a very small wash, then settled down. I think he's asleep right now.

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