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      Tuesday, July 28, 2015

06:54 AM - 07/28/2015

The topic: And we’re back in business


Well, we were last week, but I just didn't get back here.

Yesterday, I caught up on five months of reconciliation. Today I will finish up with June and catch up on my invoicing and filing. Yay!

I've been trying to not turn on the television at all during the day. Just to see if it helps with the energy bill. A couple of weeks after replacing the freezer our usage was down 16%. Last week it was down another 4%. I don't know if part of that was not turning on the television (cable box and speakers) or all the freezer.

We've had a couple of humid days, when I just have to turn on the A/C. Right now we've got the whole house fan on (the one in the attic, that pulls in the outside are and pushes out the inside air through the attic vents) a big fan pulling air through the bedroom. I mentioned how much hotter the bedroom is since the trees were so radically trimmed and Brian shut the bedroom windows yesterday when it started to get hot and that helped keep the temperature down in the bedroom. It's really a shame because I love the air flow and hate all of the fan noise and motors. It wears me down. I do know the couple of days I spent off of the computer (and out of the office - I was making stamps and cutting paper so I have something to work on at night instead of just sitting there playing Candy Crush on my tablet), the office was considerably cooler in the evening. Amazing.

We may be getting some more rain this week. Lord knows we need it. According to all reports, we're going to have a very wet winter and Brian's starting to make plans to fix the areas of the old homestead that might have problems with leaks. Like the skylights in his shop.

Last weekend the coyotes were horrible. Then we didn't see NotPancho for a couple of days (someone mentioned calling him Gemini because he's the twin of Pancho and, Melanee, you'll be pleased to know we've been referring to him as "Gem"). He was back a couple of nights ago. I don't know if he's been in the yard, Brian added fencing to the section that Gem jumped up onto. After they did all of that work at the elementary school last summer, the bunnies lost a lot of habitat. We're seeing them on our street now, I think that's what the coyotes are after.

I got some cheap closeout pool floats from Walmart online. I got the bigger ones, they were seventeen dollars each. Well, the ones that got here were not the ones I ordered, they were cheaper (!) ones than the ones I paid for. I looked up numbers and called Walmart. The CSR kept telling me she could only give me a 20% discount. I would have taken them back to the local store, but who's to say they wouldn't believe me? "You're trying to get a refund of $17 for each one of these, but these aren't the $17 floats". I could see the conversation. I got so frustrated with this girl, that I hung up. I relaxed, took some deep breaths and called back and asked for a supervisor. The CSR asked what the problem was and I explained it to her. Within five minutes I had my refund. Amazing. She didn't understand why the other CSR couldn't do it. First world problems, right?

Have a great day! Like we always say  "Woke up!" And that's a good thing.


      Thursday, July 23, 2015

07:32 AM - 07/23/2015

The topic: Well, it’s certainly been a week


Earlier this month, my daily deal site, Meh.com, had their anniversary Fuku (lucky bag) sale. Five bucks. I was fortunate enough to get one. And I got this totally awesome, 28", UHD, Samsung monitor. Of course, my graphics card isn't the right kind to take advantage of the awesomeness of this monitor (okay, it was a returned refurb unit, but five bucks!). So I do my research and buy a new graphics card. One of the posters over on the meh forums offered his help, should I need it. Well, the card got here (a card I got because it had a twenty dollar rebate, but someone didn't read the fine print, it had to have been purchased by the end of June) and guess what? I couldn't get it to work.

So, I asked this nice guy for help. And he walked me through everything I'd need to do. And after two days of trying to get it to work (I learned things, I learned how to clear the CMOS, I learned what the CMOS was after I couldn't access my gmail), it turns out that I'll most likely NOT be able to ever upgrade the graphics because of the way the BIOS is set. I can't unlock the settings for the graphics card (the computer came with graphics that are integrated (built in) to the motherboard). So, this card is going back to Amazon. Problem now is I don't know what I did with the HDMI cable that came with it. I didn't use it, it was too short to go from the monitor to the computer so I bought one just for that.

Working inside the case, I pulled all of the connections at the back of the computer and every one was in use. So, that was a PITA. Then, the last time, when I'd come to the realization that this wasn't going to work, the computer wouldn't boot up at all. Not a good thing. I shut down, pulled the cables, booted back up and the computer started. I plugged the USB cables in one by one, waiting for each to be recognized and all was good. That was the scariest thing that happened during the (unsuccessful) new card installation.

Then yesterday I went out into Brian's shop to get something out of the refrigerator. The compressor was on and a small amount of my hair got pulled into the fan. Nice. I'm holding my hair in my fist, my arm holding the rest of my hair down so it doesn't get pulled in and I was yelling for Brian. He came over and tried to pull my hair out of the fan and I told him to turn the machine off!

And I found that the package I sent to my friend was really stolen. She spoke to her mail carrier and he remembers delivering it to her home. So, there's that to deal with. I went to the post office website to file a claim and they want receipts. Yeah, for stuff I had in my cabinet, things I bought last year? Paper pads that I'd only used a few pieces of paper for my works of art? Well, okay. I was able to find back invoices on the various websites and since the paper I used can only be purchase in the stack with other paper that I didn't use, I'm going to list the full amount of the purchase. All told, it's well over the fifty bucks that I should get back.

I have a sneaky suspicion that thief isn't going to care much for the next package s/he steals from her. You never know what's in the box until you open it. And my friend has cats.

So, I was gonna go make breakfast, then get started on paperwork, but there was something in my original edition of this entry that something didn't like and it wouldn't take. I did no paperwork this week because of all of the other caca I had to deal with.

Now to figure out what the stupid mod security doesn't like now. A while back there was the xanax posts, then something completely innocent, now some other stupid ass problem. It was about the compressor and my hair. I just found the guilty word.

h a v i n g (this entry won't post if there are no spaces).

Seriously. I can't even believe it.

14110116<---my week


      Sunday, July 19, 2015

mrs. crankypants
11:21 AM - 07/19/2015

The topic: I’m kind of sad right now


You know the project I was working on last week? Well, I got it out in the mail on Thursday, two day priority. Which meant it would take three days to get to Anaheim from San Diego. But guess what? Tracking shows it was delivered the next day. Friday.

Great, right? Well, it really isn't. Because the person I sent it to, didn't get it. If it was delivered to her house, then it was also stolen.

There's not much in it than anyone else could use, it's a gift of the personalized kind. I took photos, I will share at some point. But it's just a sad situation, these package thieves.

I guess the only way to stop this from happening is to pay extra and have packages signed for. A PITA for all involved, but I can't replicate what I made. I can try and if the package doesn't somehow miraculously turn up, that's exactly what I'll do.

But I shouldn't have to.

Hey, thief who got Allison B's package from Dianne S in Lakeside...put it back.

Thank you.

      Saturday, July 18, 2015

11:17 AM - 07/18/2015

The topic: I think it’s a true and fair statement


That for me, watching paint dry would be more fun than paperwork.

Brian said "but see, if you did as it needed to be done, it wouldn't be so bad". I beg to differ. I'd be hating it every day, not once every five months or so. And if I watched what I ate and exercised every day, I wouldn't be fat. So, what's your point?

Maybe if my work station was more organized it wouldn't be so bad, either.

Aw, who am I kidding? I've been doing paperwork since I was 18. I'm 61 and I'm tired of it.


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